"Pastry chef Ann Amernick's finishing touches have never been more worth breaking any diet you might be on. Winter brings a fabulous cheesecake made with alternating layers of pumpkin and goat cheese; summer finds an exquisite blueberry "pie" assembled from buttery panes of pastry and plump fruit tossed with sour cream. Does it get any better?"

Fall Dining Guide By Tom Sietsema
Washington Post Magazine

"Amernick's list of accomplishments can be equaled by few others; she has worked for hotels restaurants and caterers; owned a bakery; taught pastry classes; and written two cookbooks. A third book, 'The Art of Dessert,' is planned for spring."
"Amernick is known for her strict adherence to classic pastry-making techniques, her dazzling wedding cakes, and the butter-rich caramels for which people come far and wide to toss down like peanuts."
"With or without a roof, it's the kind of dinner-party finish, no matter what preceded it, that might just bring the house down."

David Hagedorn, The Washington Post

"Blossoms, unfurling in pale colors, cascade down terraces of a wedding cake as pastry chef
Ann Amernick stands back to admire yet another of her edible artworks. For every romantic occasion, this talented confectioner creates roses that seem picked at perfection."

Victoria Magazine

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