The Art of the Dessert
Amernick, Ann (Author)
ISBN: 0471443816
John Wiley & Sons Published 2007-04
Hardcover, Color (368p)


"Ann Amernick's love of her art shines through every recipe in this glorious book. Few pastry chefs are capable of creating gorgeous works of art that also taste delicious. Ann's always do. She has a heartwarming desire to share with the home cook all the knowledge she has amassed over a lifetime of hard work in the kitchen. This book is a delicious distillation of an artist's life's work and a generous gift to anyone who dreams of delighting family and friends with unforgettable desserts."
-Patrick O'Connell, chef and proprietor of The Inn at Little Washington

"Ann has been mastering the classics of pastry for many years, and I am glad she has come out with a beautiful book to showcase her talent and knowledge of pastry."
-Daniel Boulud, chef and restaurateur, Daniel, Cafe Boulud, and DB Bistro

"The Art of the Dessert showcases Ann's well-respected career and vast repertoire of knowledge in pastry. This cookbook clearly conveys her passion and talent for baking. It is a perfect complement to the passionate baker's cookbook collection."
-François Payard, chef and proprietor of Payard, New York City and São Paolo, and author of Bite Size and Simply Sensational Desserts

"A 'must have' for any serious baker. Ann's years of experience as a professional pastry chef and bakery owner make her an authority in her field. Beautiful and tasty, the recipes in this complete collection are my new best friends. Her jewel-like style when it comes to desserts is irresistible."
-Gale Gand, Executive Pastry Chef and partner of Tru, host of the Food Network's Sweet Dreams, and author of Chocolate & Vanilla

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