wedding cake
Roses with Hydrangea Cake

Ann Amernick
has been creating wedding cakes in Washington, D.C. and Baltimore for 33 years. For Ann, the taste of the cake is as important as the look. To that end, she has designed edible art to adorn her cakes.

Sugar flowers, completely handmade and hand painted cascade down European fashioned,
fondant cloaked cakes, which are then finished in subtle, scroll-like sugar etchings.

wedding cake
Ann's Cake

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Name Mints
wedding cake
Roses & Lily of the Valley Cake

Chocolate Toffee Torte

Ann Amernick cakes are custom created to include flavors selected by the wedding couple and are priced per slice. There are usually several size choices that can be recommended depending upon the number of people the cake will serve. This number doesn't necessarily have to correspond to the number of invited guests. This gives the bridal couple some leeway in keeping the cake within a budget. The cakes generally run between $6.00 and $8.00 per slice. The price is calculated on the decoration and what type of cake is selected.
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wedding cake
Rose Wedding Cake

wedding cake
Lilly Wedding Cake

wedding cake
English Garden Cake w/sugar paintings